Jo Durie and Alan Jones share their top 5 tennis tips

Jo Durie and Alan Jones run regular training events at La Manga in Spain. We approached them to share their top tips for improving your tennis. Scroll down to see an opportunity for intermediate to advanced players in November.

Practicing ground strokes

Jo Durie and Alan Jones

Tip 1

Don’t get obsessed with technique – Technique is individual, just watch the top players and you can see how much technique differs but all have great footwork, concentrate more on footwork than technique.

Tip 2

More errors are made in the net
than hitting the ball long or wide, concentrate on net clearance and always aim to give yourself a margin of 3 foot net clearance.

Tip 3

How many of us turn up to the tennis courts, hit a couple of groundstrokes, a volley, a couple of serves and if we are really daring a smash and then start a game? Try and dedicate more time to practising your serve – remember the serve is pivotal to every rally and every point. More matches are lost due to poor percentage of serves in than any other part of the game.

Tip 4

Realise that impact is destiny! The impact of when the ball strikes your racket strings will determine the direction of the ball, speed and spin. Take time to consider how you affect ball impact and how well do you manage your racket? Do you have fluency in your backswing, impact and follow through or is it erratic?

Tip 5

Make sure that every time you leave the tennis court whether it be a social hit, club night or competitive match, you give 100 percent all the time! Remember to leave everything out on the court every time. Hard work, effort and commitment is everything in tennis, always ask yourself how committed I am to reach every ball – remember a ball in play is not a lost point!

Coaching Week for intermediate to advanced players, 5th to 12th November 2017

Calling all intermediate and advanced tennis players! Get the opportunity to train with Jo and Alan’s academy students in November.

  • You will learn new skills to develop your tennis game
  • Get an opportunity to hit with some of Britain’s brightest tennis prospects
  • Discover what it really takes to be a top tennis player
  • Discover a completely new take on tennis coaching that challenges yourself to rethink your tennis game

The programme offers 10 hours of coaching at La Manga with Jo Durie and Alan Jones.

We have a variety of accommodation available to suit all budgets from the 3* self-catering at the Bellaluz to the 5* Principe Felipe.  The accommodation is all located within a 10 minute walk of the tennis academy.

Contact us for more details.

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