Improving your game

Wimbledon has got everyone enthusiastic about improving their games. How do we find that extra dimension that will take our game to the next level?

There is no substitute for hard work on the tennis court, but with minor adjustments you can improve the chances of winning your next match.

Man playing tennis

Top Tips to focus on next time you go out:

Focus – Be Proactive not Reactive!

Feet – Always be on your toes, even exaggerate the movement

Eyes – Look at your opponent as they shape up to hit the ball – you can learn a lot from this and gain valuable time in knowing the direction of the ball, spin, speed etc

Listen – Something that is not often talked about, but you can anticipate so much by the sound of the ball that has been hit – if it has topspin or is being hit hard or soft

Be Decisive – Make your decision early on the shot you are going to play – is it a forehand or backhand? Do I need to attack or defend?

Prepare Early – Move to the ball with your racket already taken back and ready to swing! Running to the ball with your racket head down by your knees will use valuable time that you need especially when under pressure.

We wouldn’t advise doing all of these in your next match at the same time, try to focus on just one of these 6 key fundamentals. Of course it would be far better to find a hitting partner and practice in a non competitive situation – as the saying goes “Practice make Perfect!”

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